LETTER:Keep the team

I represent Clallam Public Utility District as the commissioner for District 2.

I am committed to uphold the promises I made during my campaign, specifically, to keep rates as low as possible and to ensure that the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has enough resources to meet demand.

I believe it is important to honor one’s word.

One example, during a recent board meeting, it was voted to cancel the 2023 rate increase and instead, approve a 1 percent rate decrease.

This action demonstrates a healthy collaboration of values between BPA and our PUD.

The PUD has prospered and continues to proper under the current leadership.

Our longterm plan includes developing renewable resources when economically feasible, establishing broadband services to the west end, having resources in place should natural disaster strike, all while meeting increasing energy demands as the county grows.

These goals will be met by upholding PUD’s core principles of cost containment and power reliability.

A dedicated team of experienced commissioners is in place ready to carry this work forward.

The combined utility expertise of our three commissioners is over 120 years.

The fact that the PUD electric bills are very competitive, green-energy guidelines are ahead of requirements, and a new decrease in electrical rates prove the Clallam PUD has an outstanding track record of excellence.

Your vote will keep our current team working to provide the reliable power at the lowest possible cost in a time when prices are rising everywhere else.

Why would we change commissioners?

Rick Paschall


Clallam County PUD Commissioner, District 2