LETTER:Individual responsibility

Self-righteousness without serious soul-searching to discover our own culpability allows us to react to every perceived threat spontaneously, but unless we constantly remind ourselves that each of us has a higher purpose, a reason we were given life, our reactions only serve to escalate the chaos that our distrust of others is turning into hateful words and deeds.

The truth is that every single one of us has contributed to the chaos caused by our legitimate fears of our own loss of life from COVID-19, wildfires, hurricanes, the ongoing threat of nuclear war and an unending list of serious stressors.

The only real solution is to take personal responsibility to remind ourselves of the importance of each of these concepts so that we can immediately recognize our individual fallibility and culpability before we react with self-righteousness simply because of our failure to take a deep breath and time out for a few minutes of soul-searching.

Acting together, we can and will stop creating the chaos by starting to create the peace of mind we all need so the healing process can begin.

Please consider helping each other by admitting our own individual failure to consider the wellbeing of everyone with every choice we make.

Joy Beaver


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