LETTER:I worry

I am sitting here with my Voters’ Pamphlet worrying about which candidates for the Sequim City Council I will vote for.

On one hand, we have the gang of four that has shown little regard for Sequim citizens with their resolution against the prudent and necessary virus protections and mandates.

This follows past council decisions and actions that confirm, for me, that several members of this council lack common sense and an understanding of existing reality.

Now, on the other hand, the candidates opposing the gang of four appear to me to be well left of center.

My worry is that they will turn Sequim into a mini-Seattle, riddled with crime, overrun with homelessness and burdened with a totally dysfunctional city government.

In the end, it comes down to which group will best address the most dominate issue going forward, the continuing challenge of the virus.

It is still putting large numbers of people in hospitals and in cemeteries.

The gang of four seems to deny the elephant in the room, while their opponents agree with the mandates.

My family and I are fully vaccinated and we wear our masks.

We want to remain safe and want to ensure that we help our fellow citizens remain safe.

I will vote now.

Bob Travis