LETTER:How to vote

How to vote

Candidate selection criteria.

We need people in public office who will actively promote laws and regulations that will solve problems.

• Return our country to energy independence, thus rejuvenating our economy and cutting inflation.

• Cut inflation by cutting taxation, regulations and spending.

• Create an environment where small businesses will thrive.

• Ensure laws are consistently enforced and order maintained.

• Provide robust funding for law enforcement personnel.

• Secure our nation’s borders to cut drug and sex trafficking plus the influx of criminals, gang members and terrorists.

• Promote parent involvement in schools and school boards.

• Provide several non-government school choices.

• Ensure useful education relevant to the real world, not indoctrination.

• Promote families – the basic building block of all successful societies.

• Ensure election integrity by regularly verifying voter eligibility and ballot handling processes.

• Eliminate all current government mandates that were not voted on by our representatives.

• Emergency powers must be limited and not usurp the citizens’ constitutional rights.

• Fix the problems causing homelessness.

• Ensure liberty and justice for all.

To this end we must elect:

For U.S. Senator: Tiffany Smiley.

For Congressional District 6: Elizabeth Kreiselmaier.

For Secretary of State: Brad Klippert, write in.

For State District 24 Pos. 1: Sue Forde.

For State District 24 Pos. 2: Brian Pruiett.

For Jefferson County Commissioner District 3: Marcia Kelbon.

Gene Farr

Port Townsend

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