LETTER:Housing idea

This proposal would involve both the community and local government, each having an integral part.

The community would build tiny homes and the local government would provide the land and infrastructure.

City and county governments could utilize land under their control for the site.

Old undeveloped road right-of-ways and odd parcels leftover from development could be used for this purpose.

Parcels close to water and electricity would keep costs at a minimum.

Churches and other community organizations could fund and build the homes with the help of volunteers.

The building could take place at the site or on church property and then moved to the permanent site when construction was completed.

Combining the private and public sector would bring incredible talent to bare on a problem that has so far stymied any solution.

Everyone who wanted to be part of a solution to homeless housing could find a role either in building or funding the effort.

Working together we can do something about homeless housing.

Ken Eide