LETTER:House speaker

Well, here we are, on the brink of war on a couple of fronts, and in a proxy war in Ukraine.

And here we are without a working Congress during these troubling times.

Let’s blame those few trouble-making Republican lawmakers, right?

Well, let’s not forget that every Democrat representative also voted to remove the speaker.

Our own Rep. Derek Kilmer voted for this in lockstep (goose-step?) with every other Democrat in the House.

Democrats could end this each time there is a vote, but they want this mess to make Republicans look bad.

Democrats voted for the mess, but refuse to vote to fix it.

Thanks for nothing, Mr. Kilmer, and every Democrat.

It was a bipartisan vote to oust the speaker. Is it too much to ask for a bipartisan vote to install a new one?

Mark A. White

Port Angeles