LETTER:Guns not the problem

I mourn for the victims of the recent tragic shootings.

Ex-Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who I see as anti-gun since he advocated for gun control, once said to never let a serious crisis go to waste.

So, it appears the gun-haters will again dance in the blood of the victims calling for more gun-control on top of what already hasn’t worked.

The lame-stream media outlets seem to prompt the liberals into action before all the facts are known by releasing the most biased, imprecise and flawed news to fit the narrative of the anti-Second Amendment gun prohibitionists.

Gun-haters direct their hatred towards the gun and lawful gun owners. Saying gun-violence, as if guns are the fault.

Not addressing the real issue, psychopathic criminals.

Sometimes adding epidemic to make it sound like guns are a health issue.

Not addressing the real issue, mental health.

Criminals ignore gun laws, just as they ignore the myriad other laws, something the radical left-wing liberals can’t seem to comprehend.

They want universal background checks just in case your son might be a prohibited person when he inherits his grandfather’s rifle.

They want longer waiting periods just in case the gun buyer might use it too soon for crime.

They want to ban certain firearms just in case a person might utilize them for unlawful purposes.

It’s incredibly incomprehensible that gun-haters are so delusional, illogical, and detached from reality to think criminals will comply with their onerous laws infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Roger M. Foszcz

Port Angeles

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