LETTER:Guns for children

Following news of a 6-year-old shooting his teacher in school and a social media video of a toddler wandering the halls of his apartment building wielding a gun, I thought I had heard it all.

Unfortunately it got worse.

The Daily Mail reported that at a recent a trade event in Las Vegas, a gun manufacturer, Wee1 Tactical, showcased the JR-15 with the tag line “It shoots just like mom and dad’s gun.”

It also included skull and crossbones-style logos, with what appeared to be a little boy skull wearing a Mohawk and with an rifle sight in one skull socket and green pacifier and a little girl skull with pigtails, rifle sight and pink pacifier.

It made me think of the infamous Sen. McCarthy witch hunt hearings in the 1950s.

After ruining many people’s lives a committee’s witness, Joseph Welsh, asked McCarthy the question, “Have you no sense of decency?”

That simple question led to end of the hearings shortly thereafter.

When will gun manufacturers help stop ruining people’s lives with the daily level of gun violence in our nation?

Thirty-eight mass killings in the first 22 days of 2023.

Now is the time for gun owners, and non-gun owners, to join together and ask gun manufacturers, “Have you no sense of decency.”

Norma Turner,

Port Angeles