LETTER:Golf course issue

Thank you Port Townsend City Council, parks department and city staffers for the work you put into the contentious golf course issue.

The process for public opinions on our aging golf course was thorough and thoughtful.

But the pro-golf course folks don’t like that the majority want a space that serves all of us so they attack the process and these officials personally.

This smacks of the Far Right, if you don’t like the answer, attack your enemy.

I support converting our little-used golf course into a multi-use Central Park with affordable housing.

We cannot bend to a handful of aging retirees who want to keep this little-used resource for themselves.

Sequim’s Blake Park is similarly-sized and serves all the people: gardeners, walkers/runners, sports people, dog owners, concert goers, bikers, pickleballers, skateboarders, little kids, picnickers, even wildlife.

It uses recycled water so doesn’t drain precious water.

Much of the infrastructure is built, and paid for, by citizen groups like the Rotary.

Unlike PT’s little-used golf course, Blake Park is used year round by young and old.

Too often people like the pro-golfers are resistant to change.

They claim the golf course is historic.

We don’t need historic.

We need facilities that respond to our changing community.

We need affordable housing and greenspace everyone can use.

It takes courage and leadership to make bold changes.

I encourage our city council to stay the course and lead us into a bright future with affordable housing and a park all of us can use.

Bobbie Hasselbring

Port Townsend