LETTER:Fire them

The 2020 Washington State Legislature enacted, and Gov. Jay Inslee signed, a law adopting whatever carbon emissions regulations the state of California would adopt thereafter.

Thus, rules written this year by California’s Air Resources Board apply to Washington, with no public input or cost or feasibility analysis.

Even if you favor banning new petro-fuel passenger vehicles, requiring all-electric heavy trucks, despite brownouts, and cap-and-trade; you may wonder why elected legislators ceded such power to appointees in another state.

For that, thank Congress’ Clean Air Act, under which all states must adopt emission standards approved by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Alternatively, Congress said states could simply match California’s more restrictive regulations.

Washington’s legislators opted to take that easy route and copy California.

Normally, state regulations require cost-benefit analyses, but not these.

The Legislature prohibited any changes to whatever California did.

Per 2022 legislation, Ecology will adopt expanded rules for zero-emission vehicles and cap-and-trade before year’s end.

If you object to buying this pig in a poke, choose different people to representative you in Congress and the Legislature.

Fire U.S. Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Derek Kilmer, who helped set up this debacle.

Fire District 24 Reps. Steve Tharinger and Mike Chapman, who had California appointees write Washington law.

Vote for people who will work for you: Tiffany Smiley for U.S. Senate; Elizabeth Kreiselmaier for 6th Congressional District; and Sue Forde and Brian Pruiett for District 24 Representatives.

Martha McKeeth Ireland