LETTER:Exploring bias

Exploring bias

Biases, we all have them; some we are aware of, some not.

And it feels good to feed these biases; it’s just human nature.

That’s why we tend to view news sites, blogs, chat rooms, etc. that confirm those biases and agree with what we already think.

Given that, it’s important to guard against going down that rabbit hole where you only hear what you like and your bias only grows.

Sure, indulge yourself from time to time, but keep it in perspective and have the self-realization that you are doing so.

Consider a site like www.allsides.com to see where your news sources lie regarding media bias.

Give yourself a break; look at the wide gamut of information out there and see where you fit.

Then, if you are either far left or right, try dwelling in the middle ground a bit.

Also try this fun; stay off your favorite site for a week and see how it feels.

I’m betting it will be difficult.

Your bias is a hungry beast and likes to be fed.

Martin Williams

Port Angeles