LETTER:Enough Trump

Enough is enough.

Trump is now revealed as an anti-democratic wannabe dictator by the Jan. 6 commission.

How can a twice impeached, draft dodging, tax evader still be considered anything but a threat to the American way of life?

He incited his mob to attack the Congress and hang his own vice president to overthrow the will of the people for his own narcissistic vanity.

Policy differences are part of being an American citizen, but the cult of Trump only cares about money and power.

He’ll kiss Putin’s butt to get his tower in Moscow.

He’ll perpetrate his big lie to mislead our citizens and he’ll use the sycophant hypocrites at Fox to hide the truth from his base.

I admire Republican heroes like Liz Cheney who stand up to a bully who operates like a gangster and holds his Bible upside down.

To those who still support him, please see him for what he is, an unethical grifter and a liar who cares about only himself.

Brian Coughenour

Port Angeles