LETTER:End violence against women

The month of April is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.

Why does this mayhem continue?

Some religious doctrines are blameworthy: Tiring, antiquated assumptions of women’s inferiority penned in boring passages of books written by men.

Why are stubborn people still perpetuating this myth?

Is it spiteful jealousy of female as symbol of life-giving? A patriarchal hierarchy assigning gender roles and class distinctions to maintain control and potency?

Public awareness of talented women who contribute in all fields of human endeavor, discovery and creativity can produce a whiplash of animosity.

Fury erupts when women work in non-traditional jobs, or demand a living wage.

Refusing to give emotional labor on demand sparks rage.

Women of color simply putting ballots in boxes or whose family immigrated from Asian countries, are attacked.

When the male struggle in opposition to equality becomes mean, possessive, domineering, leering, or brutal, it’s a threat to women’s overall well-being.

The protection, kindness and respect men may show for their partners and family needs to extend to women at work, in public places, in online social media platforms, on college campuses, in government, in the military, and as children.

Resilience is the life-blood of women.

We are stronger than ever.

Men’s strength includes ending violence against us.

Gayle Brauner

Port Angeles

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