LETTER:Emery’s character

I encourage Clallam County voters to support Bruce Emery for Director of the Department of Community Development.

I had the privilege of directing Bruce in two musical shows: “River Gone Run” at Olympic Theatre Arts and “The Red Stone” at Peninsula College.

While musical theater may not seem like a good measure of a candidate for public office, you can learn a lot about a person’s character during the rehearsal and performance process.

Bruce always came to rehearsal on time, his lines and songs learned, and ready to get to work.

He came up with good suggestions to improve the show, and even assisted me with rehearsing the chorus.

These attributes tell me as a director that he is entirely dependable and willing to go the extra mile to make each project a success.

I know Bruce will make a terrific DCD director.

He certainly is the most qualified, as you can read in your Voter’s Pamphlet.

He will be a real asset to county government as he was to our local community theater.

Patty McManus-Huber