LETTER:Emery best choice

I was the Clallam County Department of Community Development director from 1991-1995.

At that time the department was newly formed, less than two or three years after combining several smaller agencies.

The director position was an appointed, non-partisan position that reported to the Board of County Commissioners.

So I have monitored the evolution of the position over the years with interest, which peaked when I returned to the Peninsula after retirement.

On reflection, this position embodies the phrase, where the rubber hits the road.

There are a lot of rules at the federal, state, and county level that impact development.

DCD was an attempt to focus that growing set of rules and processes into a single point of public contact and service delivery.

It created a convergence of the construction, land use, and environmental laws and code into one portal.

The job of director requires a solid technical foundation to sort through the complexities of technologies and sciences involved, but also recognize how development and growth impact the larger mosaic of community needs and desires.

It requires consistency, timeliness, openness and experience.

My view is that Bruce Emery is the only candidate that meets my expectations of a successful director.

He has the technical and professional tools to do the job.

He has my full endorsement.

William “Bill” White

Port Angeles