LETTER:Deny application

The October 7 article in the PDN regarding Rayonier’s proposal to harvest timber on approximately 100 acres at Sumas Pass, on both sides of Highway 112, raises red flags for all of us who rely on that road.

My husband and I have lived along Highway 112 near the Pysht River since 1977.

I grew up nearby; my family often traveled on what was then called Highway 9A.

I remember the massive landslide of 1954 between West Twin and Deep Creek.

At that time, our neighbor Bill Cole, who worked for the state highway crew told us that the entire hillside was unstable, and that the road should be moved to stable ground at the top of the hill.

That has never been done.

There have been many more slides in the nearly 70 years since then.

Rayonier’s proposal highlights numerous issues: unstable slopes, unstable soils, typed streams, wetland, eagle’s nest, etc.

They have provided a geotechnical report by Shannon and Wilson, which concludes, “The proposed harvest unit is unlikely to cause additional slope movement.”

We do not share their optimism.

If this area is logged, and the expected slides occur, Rayonier and Shannon and Wilson will not be the ones who will suffer from any road closures.

The burden will fall on West End residents and the many others who use Highway 112 for work or recreation, as well as the taxpayers of Washington State, who will pay for another temporary fix.

The DNR should deny Rayonier’s application for logging.

Karolyn Burdick

Clallam Bay