LETTER:Corrupted government

This is how corruption can infiltrate a small town government.

The fact that Sequim Council member Mike Pence is verbally attacking and threatening legal action against two women who discovered that he provided false information on the resume he used to secure his seat on the Sequim City Council is concerning and requires nothing less than a formal investigation into the extent of falsified information on Pence’s resume and application; how and why easily verifiable information on a public servant’s resume was not accurately checked prior to appointing Pence to a Sequim City Council position; and a thorough investigation into Pence’s background and character.

Everybody makes mistakes at times.

But instead of owning up to the mistake and apologizing, Mike Pence is bullying the two women who are calling out the fact that he falsified information on his resume by publicly threatening to sue them and publicly encouraging them to leave the area.

Sitting on the Sequim City Council is a privilege, not a right, and with that privilege comes the expectation of honesty and integrity.

Turning a blind eye to Pence’s unfortunate failure to act with honesty and integrity multiple times is a prime example of how corruption can take hold and flourish in a small town government.

Allowing a city council member to falsify information then allowing that public servant to bully the private citizens who expose the falsified information cannot be allowed to stand in Sequim’s government.

Felicia Mueller


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