Congratulations to Laurie Davies for her appointment to the Washington State Fair Commission.

I went from Clallam County Fair Board to Washington State Fair board to Washington State Fair Commission from 1995 to 2001 as chairman in 2001.

The commissioner’s evaluation counts 40 percent toward state funding for the fair with 60 percent going from their statistical report from the fair.

The larger fairs are visited by two different commissioners as the change over of exhibits during that fair.

At that time Puyallup was not a state fair, so only the 4H and FFA exhibits were done by the commissioner.

A meeting with the county boards at the end of the visit to explain your evaluation was when the B&W ribbon was awarded.

Once the supervisors for that exhibit cried they were so happy.

Happy trails Laurie.

Daphne Eshom

Port Angeles

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