LETTER:Common courtesy

If you are unwilling to observe some regulations and use common courtesy, please stay away from the Carrie Blake Park complex.

“One Way Do Not Enter” means just that.

Prominent yellow signs restrict the agility equipment in the dog park to dogs, not climbing children whose parents are right there watching.

The reasons for avoiding unhealthy snacks for the ducks is posted, yet still parents are helping their kids throw bread, crackers, etc. to the ducks.

Respect for the Sequim City Band and their generous free concerts does not include conversing loudly or allowing children to run back and forth in front of the stage.

Their dancing should be off to the side.

Running through the ducks who are feeding or resting after a long migration is cruel and senseless, not a cute photo op.

Hours of drum solos are annoying and inappropriate for public areas, especially a peaceful green space.

Janet Mullen