LETTER:Broadband team

In response to your article in the April 28 Daily News, I wish to express my opinion that our PUD should be actively engaged in proposed broadband authority.

As a public utility district Clallam PUD was created to bring needed utility service to the county’s unincorporated areas.

Just as electricity is essential for our residents, businesses, schools, hospitals and local government, so is broadband internet connectivity.

PUD already owns and manages an extensive delivery infrastructure in the county.

Using the existing network of electrical poles and conduit to support expanded fiber optic cable is likely the best path forward for Clallam County.

Before medical school in 1970 as a young electrical-systems engineer I worked in Washington D.C. on policy development for bringing broadband communication service to rural America.

Even back then before the internet it was clear that bringing broadband to rural regions had huge implication for education and health care delivery.

Now, with the internet, COVID has taught us how important this service can be for working, learning and receiving healthcare and other essential services from home.

Clallam County must not miss out on the current opportunities for rapid expansion.

I applaud the ongoing work of the Clallam County Community Broadband Team and hope our PUD will be an active participant in plans for this expansion effort.

Stan Garlick

Port Angeles