LETTER:Ban hammers

The Speaker of the House’s husband, Paul Pelosi, was savagely attacked with a hammer.

The hammerman was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Never letting a tragedy go to waste, where are the anti-hammer protesters?

I propose a new Bureau of Heavy Equipment And Deconstruction And Construction Hammers of Every Size, to be known as the Bureau of HEADACHES.

I propose a ban on dead-blow hammers completely.

I mean, it’s right in the name.

We should have hammer buy back programs to reduce the number of hammers in the streets.

Hammers just need some common sense regulations.

If someone steals your hammer and uses it in a crime, you should be charged for not storing it properly.

And who really needs a sledgehammer?

Actual weapons of mass destruction.

I heard Saddam Hussein had a cache of them buried in the sand before the invasion.

And aren’t nail guns really just semiautomatic hammers with large capacity magazines?

Militias called ‘construction crews’ practice with these deadly weapons on a daily basis.

Or, we could recognize the fact that regardless of the tool used, gun or hammer, it is the person holding it and their intent that determines whether it is a deadly weapon.

In either case, I wish Mr. Pelosi a speedy recovery.

Mark A. White

Port Angeles