LETTER:Approval rating

I looked at the Congressional approval rating on my computer.

In January, it was 25 percent.


Why do our elected representatives, who we voted for, have such a pathetic approval rating?

I submit it’s because they are rewarding their campaign supporters by dishing out our tax money to them and everybody knows it.

This happens no matter what party is in control.

If I point this out to any eager partisan, of any persuasion, they are speechless and have to think about my question before admitting that our government system is corrupt.

Yes, corrupt.

This continues as our national media, which is 90 percent owned by corporations, skillfully highlights the extremist positions of both the left and the right and splits us into two polarized groups.

This focuses our attention on the bad guys in the opposing party allowing our corrupt system to continue to profit.

A corrupt system like this will eventually get voters so mad that we will vote for a dictator to stop it or swing over to a Marxist or socialist type of government.

This 25 percent approval is what happens in a Third World country. Why do we have it here?

It’s high time for our representatives in Washington, D.C. to put on their big boy pants and have this entire creep show establishment system examined by an independent investigator.

John Usher

Port Angeles