LETTER:Appreciates program

A bonus of this last year has been Peninsula College’s Studium Generale program at 12:30 p.m. Thursdays at pencol.edu/events/studium-generale.

They have been hosting excellent speakers from all over the country and world-wide on Zoom.

Last week, however, the panel discussion was local and featured speakers from agencies and families in Clallam County who are on path towards more enlightened work in law enforcement and compassionate policing.

As a former special education teacher the program made me appreciative of our police departments and the agencies that support them in this important work.

While police departments across the nation are under attack for tragic over-reactive incidents, our own departments are collaborating with other agencies and are providing trainings to help officers learn about people with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities.

REdisCOVERY is a program in which social workers and officers work together to respond to incidents involving vulnerable people.

Learning to see people, and how to respond to people in crisis, in fear and in danger requires a steep learning curve for officers and ours are stepping up to the plate.

Thanks to Clallam Mosaic, REdisCovery, parent advocate Terry Barrett, police chiefs Sheri Crane and Brian Smith and Sherriff’s Deputy Eric Morris for presenting and discussing this important issue with us.

Thanks to Helen Lovejoy and Kate Reavey, both of whom have doctorates, of Peninsula College for providing the program.

Mary Morgan