LETTER:Advocates changes

I truly believe that 80 percent, or more, of our citizens would agree with me.

If you do, encourage all your friends and relatives nationwide to contact their elected representatives and demand that they institute these policies.

Term limits for all elected positions, maximum of two four-year terms in each.

An end to big money in politics, no super PACs, no Citizens United, no corporate lobbying.

No elected official may participate in the stock market while in office.

If they don’t balance the budget, they don’t get paid.

Put an end to members of Congress determining their pay and benefits; they work for us, we should set the terms.

Close all the tax loopholes for the giant corporations and the wealthiest 5 percent of Americans so that everyone pays their fair share.

Either abolish the electoral college system or put safeguards in place so that it can’t be manipulated after the fact if one party doesn’t like to outcome of an election.

Put an end to the gravy train circle of Congress, to lobbying, to the Pentagon, to defense contractors.

There needs to be a limit. If you serve in one area, you can’t be in another for 10 years.

Put strong moral and ethics clauses in place so that all involved need to behave in a professional, respectful way at all times.

Jim Bourget

Port Angeles