LETTER:Abortion rights

One in four American women has had an abortion in their lifetime.

The rate was 1 in 3 before long-term hormonal contraceptives became available.

Fifty-nine percent of those having an abortion were mothers.

Sixty-two percent were religiously affiliated: 17 percent Protestants, 13 percent Evangelicals, 24 percent Catholic, and 8 percent other, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

They are our neighbors, family members, members of our churches and everyday Americans.

Washington has a long history of reproductive rights.

in 1970 a referendum of the people made abortion legal, an initiative in 1991 solidified the right to choose and in 2018 with a reproductive parity law mandating insurance coverage for abortion if maternity care was covered.

We are fortunate to have strongly pro-choice legislators up for election: U.S.Sen. Patty Murray, U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, and state representatives Mike Chapman and Steve Tharinger.

These individuals are exemplary legislators in many ways, all willing to work on bipartisan legislation, focused on issues of importance to our state and our county.

I worked closely with representatives Tharinger and Chapman for a decade when they were county commissioners. They did great work in those positions and I have been equally impressed with the diligent, intelligent work they have done as state representatives.

The battle for reproductive rights is very real.

I worked for Planned Parenthood in the Washington, D.C., area affiliate for 20 years.

My clinic had a bomb explode outside it in 1984 even though our affiliate at the time did not provide abortions.

Celebrate democracy and vote.

Florence Bucierka