LETTER:A Pandora’s Box

I’m beginning to think that Texas is onto something with its new anti-abortion law.

Why can’t we pass a law like that for the Second Amendment?

In its zeal to take away women’s control of their own bodies Texas has inadvertently created a path to stop gun violence, including the nightmare of mass school shootings.

The basic elements are in place, a federally protected constitutional right and millions of U.S. citizens and plenty of states who might be eager to use the Texas abortion law model against those aiding and abetting the right to keep and bear arms.

Simply deputize private citizens to monitor and ferret out those who dare help others exercise their Second Amendment rights, haul the miscreants into court and give these vigilantes $10,000 and paid attorneys’ fees when they win.

The targets of such lawsuits could include gun sellers, gun manufacturers, parents buying guns for their children, firearm safety instructors, people who drive others to gun stores, and more. The list is endless.

And we in Washington wouldn’t even have to wait for our Legislature to take action. We have direct democracy through Initiatives.

But wait, do I hear some faint dissent out there?

Too late. Texas has opened Pandora’s Box.

There is, however, a lesson here for people who hold on to their own constitutional rights like grim death but try to destroy the constitutional rights of others, next time be careful what you wish for.

You might just get it used against you.

Cheryl Nielson

Port Angeles

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