LETTER: Yes, people should definitely study American history

The letter “Forgotten history” (Sept. 12, PDN) concerns American history.

Ironically, it contains two errors of American history.

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence but was not the “father of the Constitution,” as claimed in the letter.

George Mason principally authored the Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776).

Mason is sometimes deemed the “father” of the Bill of Rights, possibly because of the influence of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, but Mason did not write the Bill of Rights.

James Madison wrote the U.S. Bill of Rights (the first 12 Amendments to the Constitution) in 1789.

Madison contributed so much to the writing of the Constitution that Madison has been considered “the father of the Constitution.”

The Constitution was written by a large group of delegates and signed by 39.

Mason refused to sign the Constitution.

I do agree that people should study American history.

Wendy Goldberg,