LETTER: Worst president ever

There are a few positives resulting from Trump’s presidency, but more negatives.

The economy, including employment, has continued the growth begun under Obama; China’s trade policies are becoming more favorable to American companies, but the trade war resulted in higher consumer costs and the loss of many jobs; the U.S., Mexico and Canada trade agreement that may replace NAFTA should benefit companies and workers in all three countries.

Trump’s policies and appointments to the federal courts will likely result in less protection for the rights of women, minorities and lower income families, and make it more difficult for many of them to vote.

Trump has told over 13,000 lies by the Washington Post’s count; removed environmental protections that increase the chances of climate catastrophe and species extinction; spread fake news, conspiracy theories and misinformation that erodes Americans’ trust in government institutions and the news media; subverted the constitutional relationship between the legislative and executive branches; significantly increased deficit spending and the national debt; and ruined our international standing and credibility.

I believe Trump has committed impeachable acts such as obstruction of justice, obstruction/contempt of Congress, witness tampering through intimidation, tax fraud, violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause by not divesting from his hotel businesses, and extorting Ukraine by withholding funds approved by Congress to try to force Ukraine to investigate a potential political rival.

It should be obvious that Trump’s narcissistic personality, impulse control, and compulsive lying mental disorders make him a danger to American national security and democracy.

He’s our worst president ever.

David Tonkin

Port Townsend

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