LETTER: Whether you agree with her or not, Clinton more qualified to be president

Donald Trump does not have the temperament or focus to hold the highest office in the land.

There are some people who want to vote for third-party candidates to voice their frustration with the choices we have.

I understand that it would feel good to stick it to the system.

But I must remind you that in 2000, Bush would have lost the election if the Nader voters hadn’t thrown away their votes.

Without Bush, we would not have invaded Iraq, we would probably have had more diligent regulation of the financial industry and would probably have avoided the recession.

History suggests that a wasted vote is not a trivial act.

Now that everyone has seen Trump in the debates, I think it is clear why we cannot allow Trump to be elected president.

Think about Trump’s nonsense sentences, spontaneous fabrication of facts, his belligerent style and irrational, meandering rambles into irrelevant side issues.

Perhaps most important is Trump’s inability to play defense.

We cannot afford Trump’s temperament and lack of leadership skills.

We have major challenges adjusting to a rapidly changing world economy and demographics.

But Trump’s negative view and incessant bashing of our nation is counterproductive to applying our considerable abilities, talent and resources to solve this era’s challenges.

This country is in fact greater than it has ever been.

And Clinton is a competent moderate-center-left stateswoman.

Whether or not you agree with or like her, in experience and temperament, she is the only candidate qualified to be president of the United States.

Roger Slagle,