LETTER: West End Thunder

A huge thank you to all the volunteers at West End Thunder.

They put on the drag races at the Forks Airport once a month.

A few years ago, I went looking for a way to have some fun that did not cost a lot of money, was family friendly and was safe.

We can all certainly use that after the past year.

Going to the races, I realized that I could race my daily driver, a four-door Mercedes sedan.

All that’s needed is a driver’s license, a helmet and around $30.

I was nervous at first, of course, what would the real racers think of an old man and a car with 74,000 miles on it lining up to race?

And how do I even do it?

What I found was the friendliest, most eager to help group of people you could imagine.

The real racers are amazing; they have reflexes like gunfighters, and they’re fun to watch. Do bring earplugs, though.

For us in the daily drivers class, the object is just to have fun.

I see new Mustangs, Camaros, hemis, WRXs on the street all the time; they should come out

They might have the time of their lives and use their cars for what they are made for; no deer, no cops and no alcohol.

Maybe you could race this old man in his sedan; I am the one with the big grin on my face.

Dan Miller

Port Angeles