LETTER: We need to impeach that ‘bombaster’ Trump

It is so difficult writing about someone so thoroughly disliked by so many, excluding vile and lovely expletives and insults, that I shall suffer while writing this things.

Mr. Trump has been selected by a plurality of voters through the constitutional system that was originally designed to allow all people and portions of the country.

That it might require a change is probable, and that is what the amendments are designed to allow.

Mr. Trump has been placed into his sacred office to direct our nation for the next four years.

That he has shown an incapacity to do so in a manly and statesman-like way has already been shown.

He has operated, so far, in an infantile fashion, lying where he feels a need and just for obfuscation where he likes for no good reason.

He is a loose cannon, taking a shot at all that he finds disagreeable.

There is only one legal way to stop him, and that is a process the Republican Party should know well: impeachment.

He has been caught lying often enough to us all that this has got to stop.

He is a recalcitrant troublemaker who sees only his way and not the nation’s way.

It is asked of the Democratic Party to do its duty and call upon the Republican Party folk who are afraid of that “Trumpian bombaster” to see a need to stop this miserable performance.

Daniel Zimm,

Port Townsend