LETTER: We need Ron Richards, a candidate who can see the diversity in government

The Clallam commissioner hopeful can break us out of the status quo and into a better future.

We need a Clallam County commissioner capable of overseeing the diversity of our county government, natural resources, education and business environment.

The commissioner must have a willingness to break out of the same old same old. Yesterday is gone and we have to build the future.

Nothing new here.

It is the American way.

Through the American enterprise experience, we’ve learned to nurture science to support both our overall quality of life and a free and innovative market.

We’ve learned to educate all our children because we don’t know whose child is the next genius.

We’ve learned to control the marketplace to do no harm and provide a level playing field so all qualified can participate.

We’ve learned that politics is necessary, so we don’t have to resolve our differences with a gun.

We’ve learned our leaders have to serve the common good and not narrow interests.

We’ve learned that our leaders are not CEO deciders but servants that build consensus.

To follow the lessons of our history, I am supporting the candidate who has successful business experience in both large and small enterprises.

Who has no conflicting ties to a particular industry.

Who is educated and practiced in the sciences better to understand new technology ventures such as wood and fiber composites.

Who is educated in the law, a member of the state Bar Association and experienced as a proven fiscally conservative elected Clallam County commissioner (1976-80) .

That diversified candidate is Ron Richards.

Janet Atkinson,

Port Angeles