LETTER: We must continue to support local children with Port Angeles schools levy

I write this letter from my heart, with experience in my background.

I need to express the importance of levy support.

Until the day when schools are fully funded and our teachers don’t need to pay for supplies for their students out of their own pockets, we must help through the Feb. 14 Port Angeles School District levy.

Our community has always supported our children.

We must continue this support.

As a person who worked 22 years in our school system at the elementary level and high school level, I have seen our children grow.

They have become young adults now, with children of their own.

I see these young adults in the grocery store, in doctor’s offices and at church.

I have volunteered in schools and seen new children learning.

Have you ever seen a child’s face when he or she knew he or she got it?

It warms your heart.

What can we, the community, do?

We can get out there, volunteer and say to your friends and neighbors, “Let’s support these children of our future.”

Vote with me and help our schools.

Judy Fletcher,

Port Angeles