LETTER: Wake up, America, and see the difference between Bible, government

One recent example: The Bible says marriage between same sexes is an abomination, yet the Supreme Court recently make it the rule of the land.

Our country was founded on Christian principles as described in the King James Bible and a few other translations of the Holy Scriptures.

Examine what the Founding Fathers wrote.

The Supreme Court rules marriage between same sexes is OK.

God says it is an abomination.

Government and states advocate if you’re a male but think you’re a female, you can use a female bathroom and vice versa.

God made male and female.

The authorities mandated Common Core usage in public schools, amounting to the dummying down of Americans except for a few elite, resulting in governmental control.

(The truth about Common Core is at www.jsm.org, Jimmy Swaggert Ministries).

The Democrats ran a communist candidate.

Americans gave their lives fighting against communism so we could enjoy the freedoms we have.

They now have a candidate for president who in my opinion allowed the killing of Americans in Benghazi and did not tell the truth about her emails, and the list goes on.

America, you need to vote for what is best for our country.

If Clinton is elected, you will see a decline in your religious and personal freedoms.

We are voting for a manager who will hopefully bring our country out of the downward spiral and preserve our religious and personal freedoms.

If you do not vote or vote for anyone other than Trump, it is a vote for Clinton.

Larry Colwell,

Port Angeles