LETTER: Voters should reject I-1631 carbon tax vote this fall

Proponents claim I-1631 will increase “clean air, clean energy, clean water, healthy forests and healthy communities” by collecting pollution “fees” on large emitters.

No “fees” on commoners?

Washington state’s 49.4 cents per gallon 2017 tax placed second highest

Initially, I-1631, will add 15 cents per gallon and rise to 40 cents in ten years.

How does a gas tax affect costs of trucked products we buy?

Uh-oh, everyone pays.

Couldn’t you bicycle those 50 miles daily to work?

Why is “climate change” non-scientist Al Gore settled science while other science disciplines pursue future, infinite scientific discoveries and quality-of-life advancements?

How do masterminds know what climate should be?

Physicist Will Happer, five- decade Columbia and Princeton professor, served as director of the Office of Energy Research at the U.S. Energy Department.

Happer states climate predictions have failed 30 years because computer models can’t precisely predict future temperatures.

Happer says, “the most powerful computers can’t solve all requisite equations to accurately describe climate.”

He states that climate scientists substitute highly complex equations describing actual climate with their rather unsophisticated computer models.

They eliminate “unmanageable details” and “adjust their simplified equations with lots of adjustable inputs — numbers that can be changed to produce whatever result the modelers want.”

“So, if they want to show that the earth’s temperature at the end of the century will be two degrees centigrade higher than it is now, they put in the numbers that produce that result.

“That’s not science.

“That’s science fiction.”

Reject I-1631!

Susan Shotthafer,

Port Angeles