LETTER: Vote yes on the Port Angeles levy to support our youths, schools, future

Amid the changes of this new year, nationally and internationally, let’s remember to focus on the well-being of our community.

I can think of no better way than supporting our local youths.

Twenty-two percent of the cost of the schools’ educational programs and operation remains the responsibility of taxpayers here in Port Angeles.

We value those activities beneficial to our children, whether athletics, special education, student transportation, technology or highly capable programs.

The music education beginning in primary grades and available through high school deserves mention for its vital role, enhancing the experiences of students, academically and socially.

The high school band, orchestra and choirs performed with Geoffrey Castle’s Celtic Christmas concert on Dec. 18.

What a privilege for our students to have that experience and thus be appreciated by their community.

Their talent and stage presence were exemplary and so deserving of the audience’s standing ovation.

In addition to sharing performances here, some of the school groups will be traveling to New York City and Washington, D.C., to compete, entertain and explore new places.

These musical activities can take students far beyond the classroom, making them more well-rounded citizens.

Without our funding, this program and others would end or be cut drastically.

Please vote yes for the Port Angeles schools replacement levy on Election Day, Feb. 14.

Lu Meiner,

Port Angeles