LETTER: Vote Ron Richards to balance out Clallam commissioners

We need someone who understands our fishing industry and can handle issues brought up by the county treasurer.

We already have one ex-tree counter on the Clallam County Board of Commissioners.

We don’t need another.

That commissioner, Bill Peach, knows forests.

We have another commissioner, Mark Ozias, who knows small businesses.

What we need now is one who understands our fishing industry.

That man is Ron Richards, a commercial fisherman who is very aware of the problems we are facing in the fishing industry in Clallam County.

And, a big plus: He is a lawyer and a past Clallam County commissioner.

This is a big plus because, if elected as commissioner, he is the only one who can argue the legal points with the county treasurer [Selinda Barkhuis], who also happens to be a lawyer and who has again raised questions about the handling of legal documents by the county commissioners.

When we elect Ron Richards as our third commissioner, we will have a balanced county board of commissioners for the first time in years.

Joe Paulsen,

Port Angeles