LETTER: Vote for Ron Richards if you want accountability for Rayonier mess

Despite what a recent letter writer contends, his opponent, Randy Johnson, would have a potential conflict of interest in regards to matters with his former employer.

A Sept. 14 letter writer, “Defends Johnson,” asserted on behalf of a graphic-design client, Clallam County commissioner candidate Randy Johnson, that Rayonier’s environmental mess in Port Angeles Harbor does not fall under the duties of the county Board of Commissioners.

She suggests any such concerns be addressed to the “correct agencies,” apparently because the county board has no direct authority in the matter.

I believe she makes this argument in support of candidate Johnson because of his likely conflict of interest as a former Rayonier employee.

What other motive could there be for writing such a letter?

Yet are not the voters entitled to know how he might deal with Rayonier issues?

Would he simply disown them?

Would he recuse himself from any deliberations in favor of a commissioner pro tem of his own choice?

Does he believe that Rayonier bears any responsibility?

I have seen or heard no report of Johnson or Republican County Commissioner Bill Peach of Forks taking any position regarding Rayonier cleanup issues.

Peach is also a former Rayonier employee.

Would Johnson, who claims to be an independent, vote with the Republican Peach on issues?

As former logging supervisors (whether Rayonier or Green Crow), would they constitute a seated lobby for that industry?

Fortunately, the voters have an honest and unconflicted candidate to choose for their next District 2 commissioner: Ron Richards.

He long ago stated that Rayonier should be responsible for its abandoned site.

John Merton Marrs,

Port Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: Marrs is co-chair of the Committee to Elect Ron Richards.