LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson to ensure independent, superior leadership

The Clallam commissioner hopeful has the business acumen and diligence to make a difference in the county.

The qualities of a good leader are summarized with few words: honesty, integrity, transparency, good listener, goal-oriented and the willingness to compromise when prudent.

Clallam County commissioner candidate Randy Johnson possesses all of these skills, plus has an outstanding education and is well-informed.

Better yet, he has put these attributes to work for the past 31 years developing many businesses operating under the Green Crow Corp. umbrella in Port Angeles.

These companies operate in six states and five foreign countries.

In addition to timber, they include forest products, manufacturing, sand and gravel plants, real estate development and many more areas.

Yes, they employ local people, with the ripple affecting a large group of other businesses.

As a friend of Randy’s for 25 years and former resident manager of the Crown Zellerbach mill (now Nippon Paper Industries USA), a retired Port Angeles business owner and retired director of a major bank in Clallam County, I have come to know Randy well and can speak confidently about his capabilities.

My dealings with Randy have been on both sides of commercial relationships; throughout all, he has been fair and respectful to everyone.

My observation of the history of Clallam County politics shows that capable people elected from both major political parties soon have their campaign promises eroded and replaced by the agendas of their respective political parties.

Our best governance has come when there is no major political party dominating the office of commissioner.

Vote yes for Randy Johnson, independent, to ensure hardworking, independent, superior leadership as our next county commissioner.

Richard G. Kott,

Port Angeles