LETTER: Vote for Randy Johnson for Clallam commissioner

Randy can cross political lines to get the job done.

When I was the executive director of the Port of Port Angeles, there were many people in the community who came forward to assist the port in efforts to bring new jobs to Clallam County.

Randy Johnson was one of those people I could rely on to work hard on economic development projects and other efforts to improve our community.

He is intelligent, hardworking and dedicated to making Clallam County a wonderful place in which to live and work.

Randy has shown a willingness to work cooperatively with and support both Republicans and Democrats.

If you look at the people who are supporting Randy, you will see that they represent both parties.

He is not bound by political lines.

He has also worked with leaders at all levels of government and knows how to bring these people together for the benefit of our community.

We need good leaders at the local level.

Local government has the biggest impact on your daily life.

If you don’t vote for anything else in the upcoming election, I urge you to vote for Randy Johnson for county commissioner.

Christine Anderson,

Port Angeles