LETTER: Vote for incumbents

I’m casting my ballot for the current Port Angeles City Council because of their accomplishments.

Notable of these are tax relief for low-income property owners, resumption of city code enforcement to remove trash and squatters, grant-funded traffic safety improvements for autos, pedestrians and cyclists on busy city streets, supported COVID-19 mitigation mandates, , instituted plastic bag ban reducing airborne trash and marine damage from micro-plastics, changed zoning laws to improve housing density to name just a few of their actions.

The elected council’s opposition is playing on citizens’ discontent with cosmetic issues, the nationwide COVID-19-driven housing shortage and homeless population while ignoring the council’s positive accomplishments for the present and future general good.

Given the challenges we are all facing to get back on track, I am not in favor of changing horses in the middle of the stream, especially as the wannabe herd is inexperienced and of doubtful intent.

My father’s political wisdom was often presented in aphorisms such as “there are liars, damn liars and then there’s politicians.”

Simply put, “Talk is cheap.”

Vote for the experienced incumbents; they are doing well.

Bill Atkinson

Port Angeles

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