LETTER: Vote Dave Neupert to balance compassion, law

The Clallam Superior Court hopeful is the kind of judge we need to help the citizens of the county.

Dave Neupert is a man of high integrity.

He is easy to talk to and exceptionally personable.

He is intelligent about life and the law.

I have known Dave for 15 years.

As a local pastor, I worked directly with Mr. Neupert and his legal team to be able to build a local summer camp for kids.

I trust the decisions of Dave Neupert.

I have observed a man who loves the law the way it is written.

From a local citizen’s perspective, Clallam County would be well-served by Dave Neupert as a Clallam County Superior Court judge.

Dave Neupert is compassionate.

He and I have traveled to provide care for destitute Haitian children in the Dominican Republic.

He cares for all people.

The scales of justice need to be balanced by law and by compassion.

This is the balance that we need with our Superior Court judge.

Vote Dave Neupert for Superior Court judge by Nov. 8.

Mike VanProyen,