LETTER: Venting at Port Angeles City Council meeting should have been more civil

I rarely write letters to the editor but I felt compelled to write this one.

I have lived in Port Angeles for more than 79 years and have never witnessed anything like I did Nov. 6 at the Port Angeles City Council meeting.

My husband and I were in attendance to support the City Council for publicly addressing the climate crisis issue. Instead we listened to almost two hours of citizens attacking our mayor, Sissi Bruch, for making a mistake.

She rectified it. She apologized for it.

Haven’t all of us made mistakes that we wish we could take back?

In all of my interactions and observations of the mayor I have found her to be a woman of integrity and a dedicated public servant for the citizens of Port Angeles.

Many of the speakers attacked our mayor with a total lack of respect. I hope we will be more civil to one another in these difficult times as we move forward.

What was even more disturbing was listening to two of the City Counsel members join in on the abuse by asking to remove her title of mayor — which was totally inappropriate.

That will not be forgotten.

I love my hometown and was very surprised, sad and disappointed at what I saw and heard at this meeting. I hope we can do better.

Darlene Clemens,

Port Angeles

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