LETTER: Vaccine injured

As an Independent, I want to share a story that influences my voting choices.

A perpetual outsider because we moved to five states during my K-12 years, I made friends quickly with kids who were truly kind.

An event from fourth grade reminds me of the world in recent years.

Once, when the teacher was out of the room, a cool kid shouted, “Raise your hands if you don’t like ‘X’!”

Hands went up, enthusiastically or reluctantly.

Guess who didn’t give a fig for social pressure and spoke up for her instead?

“X” and I actually made new friends that day as others joined me in loyalty.

Here’s my litmus test for evaluating politicians: Do they place party over ethics?

“X” for me right now represents vaccine-injured people and the scapegoated ones who declined a new medicine with known risks and no safety net.

Some politicians sideline injured people because their stories are inconvenient, while doubling down on employment mandates even though research demonstrates these injections don’t prevent transmission, efficacy wanes and serious rare side effects exist.

Some politicians are complicit through silence.

One by one, journalists are stepping up, so you can read about vaccine injuries in the British Medical Journal, National Geographic, Forbes and Reuters.

Which politicians are brave enough to help injured people and end mandates?

You have my vote.

Kathy Zelenka

Port Angeles

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