LETTER: Useless stunt

The woefully misguided majority of Sequim city council members are adrift in mind-numbing confusion.

Rather than spending time on actual city matters of relevance, Council member Keith Larkin drafted a resolution which carries absolutely no legal weight whatsoever.

This became the unfortunately wasteful topic for Monday’s meeting.

Here we are, more than 18 months into a pandemic that has caused the deaths of 1 out of every 500 Americans, and Sequim has four council members who want us to pretend absolutely nothing has happened and any infringement on their rights must be a U.S. Constitution violation.

Many people vote with their dollars when they come to Sequim.

This pandemic, like others before it, will eventually be over.

The vast majority of Clallam County citizens — who’ve worn masks, practiced social distancing and gotten vaccinated — will absolutely know which Sequim businesses contributed to the community effort and which ones flouted the mandate and prolonged the spread of disease through their callous attitude.

Those cowardly business owners will then reap what they’ve sown.

I, for one, refuse to ever support any business that will not respect our public health mandate right now when it truly matters.

Sequim cannot afford to be led by such ignorance any longer.

This lack of leadership literally makes us non-Sequimites grimace when we consider the state of Sequim politics.

Does Sequim really want more leadership like this?

Please elect citizens whose records reflect actual leadership and problem-solving skills, and not people who only support useless stunts like this resolution.

Sandy Goodwick

Port Angeles

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