LETTER: Urges support for Stinson in Port Townsend

I support Deborah Stinson for re-election to the Port Townsend City Council, and urge all my fellow citizens to do the same.

Stinson has been an exceptional leader for our city and, joined by her colleagues on the City Council, both veterans and newly elected, has played a major part in helping the city grow and prosper.

Steady, compassionate, thoughtful, creative — the adjectives appropriate to her and her service could go on for paragraphs.

As one who has served on the city council, as well as city boards and committees, I’ve witnessed the performance of dozens of others in those positions.

Deb Stinson stands among the very few at the top for dedication, intelligence and excellent judgment.

I am so pleased she wants to continue her service to the community, and hope that she gets the vote of confidence she so richly deserves.

George Randels,

Port Townsend

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