LETTER: Unlike Cal Thomas, I contend we must do all we can to help our most vulnerable

In his March 16 column [“A Historic Opportunity”], Cal Thomas says that “the biggest drivers of debt remain the entitlement programs.”

And, of course, Thomas goes on to say that President Donald Trump “is not touching those, at least for now.”

The president (for now) promised on the campaign trail that he wouldn’t touch Medicare or Social Security, but we know what Trump’s promises mean.

I beg to differ with Mr. Thomas.

The bloated military budget that Trump wants to increase by 10 percent is a major driver of the national debt, even when our military spending totals what the next seven nations spend on their military budgets — combined.

Thomas concludes his opinion piece by saying that “Democrats will howl about starving children because they always do.”

As a lifelong Democrat, I am proud to say that I will always howl when children are starving.

This new administration is shameless about reducing worthwhile federal programs that actually help the poorest Americans, like food stamps.

People actually depend on these for nutritional supplementation.

We should be contacting our members of Congress to make sure that people programs do not go the way of the dodo.

It’s not going to be easy for the next four years, but we must do all that we can for the most vulnerable in our society.


John H. Miller,

Neah Bay