LETTER: ‘Trumpcare’ just a way for the rich to get richer while the rest of us suffer

The first step of the Obamacare repeal and replace is done.

Donald Trump promised middle-class voters that all would be covered with lower premiums and co-pays.

Paul Ryan’s plan does none of that, so Trump threw him a Rose Garden party.

Many of the 20-some million people covered under Obamacare are subsidized by a less than 1 percent tax on the top 2 percent of wage earners.

The reason, quite simple: They could never afford to buy the most expensive health insurance in the world.

“Trumpcare” 3.0 passed without being read or costs being scored gives those high earners back most of that tax money and leaves those 20-some million low earners no access to health insurance.

It amounts to around an $800 billion tax cut for the top 2 percent.

Don’t go worrying about your poor Congress members suffering this wretched plan; they opted out.

You would think that this $800 billion windfall would go to reduce the deficit, that mega-issue that stingy Republicans haven’t been mentioned since Barack Obama left office.

Many industrial countries use a single-payer or universal system, covering all for about half of what we pay to cover most.

Think about that: We could save trillions and be more competitive on the world market, but no.

We are led by the Republicans, whose plan would have the impact of making 20-some million people sicker or dead.

It would likely lead to nurses being laid off and hospitals closing in small towns so folks who don’t need or deserve a tax cut during deficit spending get one.

Samuel P. Woods,