LETTER: Trump unfit to be president mainly due to party preference

The GOP’s platform of little regulation, small government and lower taxes helped shove us into the 2008 recession.

Trump may be unfit for the U.S. presidency for questionable mental health and stability, particularly with his predisposition for sexual assault, violence and torture.

However, he is definitely unfit because he is a Republican.

He supports fraudulent and destructive Republican principles.

These principles are that government is too big, taxes too high, regulation excessive and the nation’s debt out of control.

U.S. government size and tax revenues are among the lowest in the industrialized world (as a percent of gross domestic product), according to the Tax Policy Center.

Inadequate U.S. financial regulation caused the global recession in 2008.

The nation’s debt is high, due primarily to that recession, unwarranted tax cuts and unnecessary wars.

These lethal anti-government Republican doctrines were established by President Reagan in the 1980s.

Accordingly, he needlessly increased military spending to force reductions in domestic spending and to accommodate tax cuts.

He then raided the Social Security Trust Fund to finance the resulting deficits.

This remains Republican Party and Trump policy to this day.

They will increase military spending and cut taxes mainly for business and the wealthy.

They will then try to avoid the resulting deficits by slashing spending on critically needed infrastructure, public interest regulation, health care, education and Social Security.

This will continue slowing our economic recovery and increasing income disparities.

The Republican Party dishonored our nation with criminal war, war crimes and torture in the continuing Iraq War.

It now imagines that destroying American society will somehow serve Republican interests.

The Republican Party and Trump should both be voted out of politics in 2016.

Malcolm D. McPhee,