LETTER: Trump, Trumpism

Trump and Trumpism will slowly fade into the dustbin of history.

Trump, for a while, will still lie to his followers, giving them false hope while asking them for more money, and there will be a sizable number of them who will cough it up, taking needed money from their families.

Trump supporters are constantly crying about losing their freedoms, denouncing socialism and having their country taken away from them.


What freedoms are you losing?

Whats wrong with some socialism?

If you are over 65, do you care about Medicare and Social Security?

And then there is the taking away of freedoms.

The only people that I see taking our freedoms away are the those who believe that Trump is their salvation.

Just look at what he and his supporters did to our Capitol.

Never before, never, in our country’s history has something like this happened.

We will now forever see fences and armed guards surrounding our public buildings in the Capitol.

So much for the freedoms that you are losing.

So much for our worldwide beacon of democracy.

The extreme right wing media and their pundits are to blame.

They don’t care about you, and neither does Donald Trump.

They only care about power and what they can get from you.

People listen to their leaders, and what they say has sway.

Conspiracy theories and outright lies are expressed, social media spreads them, and people go down rabbit holes with them.

Stan Riddle


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